Cake As Distinctive

As Your Celebration


The day you have looked forward to and planned...the gala to which you have invited those you care most about...the details of the day you've planned and envisioned over and again.  You want every aspect to be magical...from the preeminence of the invitations, the venue, and the clothes you will wear to the menu, the flowers, and the table decorations. 


Everything must be impeccable.  This day will only come once.  It is a cherished event, one you will remember forever.

This is an occasion for only the most sublime of celebratory desserts.

Your amazing bash deserves truly "Ahhhhh!"-inspiring cake. It should be visually enrapturing and gastronomically seductive.  

A special occasion or wedding cake worthy of your unique party demands only the best:  chocolate imported from hidden plantations in Bali...the finest organic pure extracts...the 24 Karat edible gold embellishments...deeply toasted mellow sugar...the freshest prime ingredients all combine to create a divine confection that is the centerpiece of your fabulous affair.   Before you even taste it, the meticulous attention to detail captures your eye:  the artful piped designs, the superb gilding, and the delicately handcrafted sugar paste flowers you will swear are fresh floral arrangements, but are, in fact, made of sugar and all edible.


Your special day or event is not ordinary. It is nothing less than momentous.  Why settle for an ordinary cake?

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Pure Cake Passion


I've always been head over heels in love with making fine art with food. Cake, especially, should be a complete romance for your senses: stunning to the eyes and exquisite to your taste buds.  Your wedding cake, above all else, should be a delectable fairy tale well befitting of your personal love and joy.

My love affair with cake led me to study under world-renown David MacCarfrae (DavidCakes from Cake Walk) of British Royal Wedding Cake fame, showcase my work on Network Television, and to excel at the World Food Championships. My passion for excellence at the art of cake propels me to painstakingly create beautifully detailed edible art for your most special and elegant occasions.

Whether your tastes run from clean classic lines, to fashionably chic, to the intricately ornate, I work to create distinctive cake magic fitting to you and your vision of your exceptional event.

I look forward to meeting you and, with the many delicious means at my disposal, creating for you a magnificently designed cake as unforgettable as your extraordinary celebration.


“Love is like an extraordinary cake.  You never know when it's coming, but you'd better eat it when it does.” 

- C. Joybell C. -

Luscious Euphoria


It isn't enough for the cake which is the exalted centerpiece of your celebratory fare to be stunning to the eye.  It simply must be paradise to your tongue.

Prepare to be delighted by the truly scrumptious...tastes and textures to tantalize.  From the ethereal delicacy of a lavender cake, to the insurmountable decadence of tiramisu cake, or the lushly refined Italian Frangelico cake, it is my sole mission to enthrall you.  Fillings such as deep chocolate rum ganache, lemon chiffon, and fresh raspberry cream will simply captivate you.  Add your choice of icing ranging from Swiss meringue, Italian buttercream, American buttercream, royal icing, traditional fondant, or a choice fondant of real white or dark chocolate will be the crowning touch to sweep you off your feet.

See my menu page for my most requested cake flavors, fillings, and icing choices.  Don't see your heart's desire?  Let me know your flavor fave, and I will do my utmost to bring it to full splendor in your cake creation.

Designed to Dazzle


Your celebratory cake needs to be a stunning statement of your love, pride, and joy.

Before the delectable flavors kiss your tastebuds, every perfect facet of its form must be visually arresting.

It must be orchestrated for "Ohhhhh!"

We are romanced by our eyes first.  The cake expressing your happiness should capture your heart at first glance.


 Such a symphony of nirvana happens neither by accident nor in a hurry.  It demands the grace of a composer, the dedication of an artist, and the devotion of a paramour.

I am deeply committed to excellence in the minutest of detail with the undiluted intention of inspiring your fancy, stealing your heart, and composing for your celebration a cake fairy tale that shall create an indelible memory for you and your guests.

By virtue of my exacting standards, I have a limited number of bookings available at any one time so that I may give each confectionary creation the loving attention your event deserves, so don't hesitate to book early.

You may utilize the links in the section below to schedule a consultation/tasting or you may contact me by email or phone to place an order or for more information.

~ Avec Amour,


Chef Lisa 


Schedule Your Consultation/Tasting

Gregory L. Sullivan

You want every detail of your wedding or special event to be perfect, especially the cake. Use the links above to book your custom cake planning session.

You should ideally schedule your consultation 6-9 months prior to your wedding date and 1-2 months prior for other extraordinary celebrations.

Bring photos of your dress, bridesmaid dresses, color swatches, samples of your lace, photos of flowers in your bouquet and anything else that adds meaning to your cherished day.

If your event is other than a wedding, feel free to also bring photos, color swatches, and what makes the celebration day meaningful for you.

We shall discuss your unique vision of your upcoming bash, discuss design options, and best of all, eat cake!

Your tasting consultation fee is $30 and includes two 6-inch round filled and frosted cakes of your flavor preference that I will prepare especially for your consultation. 


Should you elect at the time of your consultation to book your cake with me, thus saving your special date, you may place a $100 non-refundable deposit and the consultation/tasting fee will be credited to your order.

Leftover cake is free to travel home with you.  Additional cake flavors may be added to your consultation at the time of scheduling for an additional $20 per flavor choice.

Contact Chef Lisa



TEL: (252) 220-0151

Questions?  Feel free to email, call, or send a message using the form below.

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