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 Pricing & Policies 

Extraordinary Cakes


For your momentous celebration, I custom create every exquisite detail of your cake uniquely for you.

Approximately 6 to 9 months before your wedding or 2 months prior to your special occasion, schedule your consultation/cake tasting.  Together, we will compose a confectionary masterpiece worthy of your festivities.


Fine cakes are priced per guest/slice.  There is a 100 guest/slice minimum on wedding cakes and a 20 guest/slice minimum on all other special occasion cakes. 


Wedding cake slices are typically a standard 1x2x4 inches. Smaller special occasion cakes that are one tier typically have one-inch slices and are most often 6 inches in height.


The per slice fee includes cake flavor choice, fillings, and buttercream or meringue icing and piped buttercream flowers. 


Wedding Cakes begin at $5.50 per guest.

Specialty Cakes for Grand Occasions on the menu begin at $6.00 per guest and may be selected as wedding cakes.  This fee includes your choice of American, Italian, or Swiss buttercream and piped design with buttercream flowers.


Fondant, traditional or chocolate, may be selected as a covering for these cakes for an additional fee.

Sweet Seduction Cakes on the menu are $6.00 per guest and come with specialized buttercream for each flavor.

Fresh fruit fillings for the listed fees are subject to seasonal availability. In the offseason, quality frozen fruit may be substituted or fresh fruit obtained at an additional fee.

Sugar flowers, royal icing over-piping, royal icing string-work, modeling chocolate flowers, sculpted or 3D cakes, figurines, structures such as gazebos, mirror glazes, edible 24K gold and other precious metal foil accents, specially created cake stands, isomalt jewels, faux layers, and handcrafted toppers are all available for an additional fee.

Need vegan or gluten-free?  Ask about your favorite cake to see what the possibilities are.

Never settle for less than extraordinary, for things that make your soul quiver.  That is where the magic is.

Traditional Fondant

Smooth fondant covering, flavored to your taste and colored befitting your celebration, can be selected for an additional $1.50 per guest.  A wide variety of fondant adornments, such as pearlized brooches and fondant ribbons may be added at no additional charge.  

Sugar Paste Flowers


Fragile blooms with whisper-thin, veined, translucent petals take your cake from beautiful to ethereal. I make each petal by hand to create a magical cake experience for your special day.


Sugar flowers are priced according to quantity, design, and intricacy desired.


Sweet Demi's

Transcendent bites of heaven, each one fashioned to satisfy your most fervent confection passions. 

Mini cakes, or cupcakes, start at $3.50 apiece and have a minimum order of 9 dozen.

Fancy cake pops start at $4.25  apiece and have a minimum order of 100 pops.

Petit fours composed of flavors and fillings of your yearnings, supremely decorated add nostalgia to your marvelous 'fete.'  They start at $4.50 per piece with a minimum order of 100.

Craving chocolate truffles romance? Let me know your favorite flavors so I can orchestrate these temptations for you dipped in dark or white chocolate.

Truffles begin at a minimum order of $100 for two dozen pieces.  Premium flavors, fruit not in season, and vegan alternatives are available for an additional fee.

Schedule Your Consultation

Great works of art require a great plan.

Use the link below to schedule your design consultation/cake tasting.  You are also welcome to call or email me with any questions or an order.